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This guy delivered excellent service, and deep cleaned my dining chairs, which now look as good as new! I'll definitely use his services again!
Rachel Owen10/07/2024
Wonderful experience with this service - carried out an extraordinary end of tenancy clean that surpassed all expectations. Recommended!
Alfred Dunn27/11/2023
Fabulous service from the cleaners - polite and comprehensive! They got stuck in to the cleaning with enthusiasm, leaving the workplace sparkling. A job very well done!
Richard F.25/10/2023
To have truly spotless carpets and furniture, who has the time or budget for it? Thankfully Ruislip Cleaners offers a reliable way to exquisitely clean these surfaces without busting your wallet - so treat yourself to a clean home by relying on them for your upholstery cleaning needs.
Cory Stowe06/04/2023
My life has become so much easier since Ruislip-Cleaners have started doing a weekly home cleaning for me. I've finally got my weekends back.
Anatoly E.30/03/2018
We rely on Ruislip Cleaning Services for our office cleaning services. They are an affordable, professional service and we have nothing but the highest praise for them!
George H.28/07/2017
My house has been in such a terrible mess for such a long time that I almost forgot how an actually clean house looks like. When I finally realized what was going on, I immediately called Cleaners-Ruislip. They came to my house, they did everything extremely professionally and the price for the entire service was amazingly small compared to the great job they did! Thanks!
Regina I.17/03/2015
I have just had a wonderful home cleaning service done at an incredible price. As life was getting busier with the children and work commitments the house was beginning to look a mess. Cleaners-Ruislip were easy to deal with and friendly. The workers got on with the work and really covered every little detail. The service was exceptional and I will certainly be hiring the company more often now. I would suggest if you need a professional and trustworthy company to hire this firm now.
Lorraine Haynes24/11/2014
Thanks to Cleaners-Ruislip we have been able to keep our company premises clean and tidy all year round and every day there is a big improvement in the cleanliness of our offices. Other cleaning agencies we have employed in the past will do a bit of day to day maintenance but they don't clean anything with a great deal of conviction and that is simply not the case with this cleaning agency. The cleaners who have worked for us are very hardworking and committed and the job they do is well worth the investment we have made in them.
It was to my dismay that I learned that to keep my hardwood floors looking good and new I'd need to invest in a lot of equipment like floor buffing machines and wax applicants. This was out of the question, not only because it involved a lot of expense but also I just didn't have the necessary know-how. I asked around and found Cleaners-Ruislip, known for their floor cleaning services. The domestic cleaning company is just the thing I needed to get my hardwood floors cleaned and I call them in for waxing and buffing about once a year. Couldn't be more satisfied with the results!
Patricia R.19/09/2014
The sheer number of times that I've had guests that I just wasn't ready for is fairly shocking and embarrassing to admit. They always show up when my home is not quite how I want it. There were bits that were untidy, small collections of dust in the corner... You know, it's not overwhelming but not guest-ready. Cleaners-Ruislip soon saw to these problems though - they sent over a small team of cleaners, and they whipped my house into shape! I'm so relieved I can finally welcome the impromptu guests rather than sheepishly inviting them in. Thanks a lot!
Gina U.29/08/2014
Having the carpets cleaned can really transform the sitting room, so I get it done about once every six months. I have used Cleaners-Ruislip for the last few times, and they really are an excellent bunch. I could not believe the prices that they charged for it, so much cheaper than what I was expecting, and with the great job that they did, the carpets looks almost brand new! In a matter of speaking, there was a huge amount to clean, as the kids had spilled stuff all over the carpet last time, but it did not phase them one bit!
Billy Bennett31/07/2014
I find it really difficult to clean my oven as I'm such an impatient person with very little spare time on his hands! I've been hiring professional oven cleaners for over 10 years and I've never experienced anything quite like the cleaning service from Cleaners-Ruislip. From start to finish the cleaner worked incredibly hard to deliver flawless results that knocked my socks off. I was so impressed with the clean that I thought I'd been given an entirely new oven! This is the best oven cleaning service I've tried and I'll never look for another oven cleaner again after using this service!
Ken Wilson08/07/2014
I had suffered a bad fall and hurt my back and was in agony. I was struggling to get around and couldn't work and the housework was building up. My husband suggested a company his Mum used to help out for a while until I felt better. Cleaners-Ruislip were brilliant. From the first call they helped advice a cleaning service to suit my needs and made a date. The cleaners were very friendly and did an absolutely brilliant job in my home. The place looked sparkling clean and everything looked tidy when they finished. I use the cleaning service now every week and it is great to have everywhere looking clean.
Naomi Murphy12/06/2014
My carpet were looking a little tired and grubby and I didn't have enough spare cash for new ones. My sister suggested I contact Cleaners-Ruislip as she had used their cleaning services. I called and arranged for them to give me a quote. I was surprised how reasonably priced the carpet clean was, but also very pleased. The workers turned up on time, and used the effective steaming methods. Though it took a while to get round the house, the end results were that the carpets looked and smelt so hygienically clean and fresh. I would recommend anybody needing to revive carpets or rugs to hire this reputable company.
Jo Brown26/05/2014
My mom introduced me to Cleaners-Ruislip for the first time this week and I'd just like to say thank you so much for what you have done for me, I'd have never achieved results like that alone. I had a full house clean and boy did they give it just that, they do not miss a spot, even my skirting boards are gleaming and you can almost see you face through my laminate, I'll definitely be using this company again, not only are they affordable but they do exactly what they say on the tin and nothing less....
Lara J.08/05/2014
You can definitely rely on Cleaners-Ruislip they are outstanding. I have dealt with a number of their staff and they are all very good and very professional. When they arrived at my property they were all uniformed and on time, and they brought all of the cleaning equipment and materials that would be required. I was very impressed with the company as I felt that the cleaners really went the ‘extra mile' to give me fantastic value for my money. When they left a very short time later my house was gleaming. Well done to everybody involved and the highest recommendations!
When it comes to a clean home, hiring in the right help makes all the difference, I've found. I spent years looking for the right help and I think I've finally found it in the form of Cleaners-Ruislip. Their whole team seems to be set up with the same excellent approach and attitude which makes a big difference to the quality of service which you receive. So if you're looking for the right help when it comes to cleaning your home, find out how much they can really do to help. Oh, and the prices are really excellent too.
I have always struggled with juggling the house work with more important things in my life, like going to the pub and watching TV. Seriously though, things can get on top of you, and a helping hand is always welcome, even if you have to pay for it! I've used Cleaners-Ruislip for cleaning help for a while now, and have always found them to be really useful around the home, getting things done with amazing speed and skill. All that, and they aren't too expensive either, which is nice!
Kurt Griffith05/03/2014
A reliable home cleaning company is hard to come by. After years of cleaning my home myself, I finally decided to ask for a little assistance from a professional company. I was happy with the service offered by Cleaners-Ruislip because they were able to customize their options to better meet my precise cleaning needs. They provide a customized clean and come to my home at a time that is most suitable for me. I still give my home a general clean, but they provide a more extensive and thorough clean that really does wonders for my home. I am consistently impressed with their affordable service and quality effort.
Peter Mills18/02/2014
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