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How To Clean Soft Items In Your Bedroom
22 March 2014
How To Clean Soft Items In Your BedroomThere are probably lots of soft or upholstered items in your bedroom that don’t get cleaned on a regular basis. You mattress, your upholstered furniture, your curtains and rugs all need to be cleaned thoroughly and properly to ensure that your bedroom is a clean, sanitary and inviting environment, but this isn’t always easy to achieve! If you’re looking for help, advice and tips for cleaning your bedroom then why not have a look at the following suggestions to help you get the clean and relaxing bedroom that you want in your home?1)    Curtains.There are lots of different ways for you to clean the curtains in your bedroom. Most curtains can be cleaned in your washing machine, although some may be dry clean only. Check the label before attempting any cleaning! If you don’t want to use your washing machine for your curtains then fill up your bath with warm water and detergent and let them sit overnight. Rinse thoroughly and your stains and grime will be gone! For a fuss-free curtain clean simply use a steam cleaner to kill bacteria and restore curtains to their former glory! 2)    Bedding and mattresses.Probably the best way to keep your duvet, pillows and mattress clean and sanitary is by using a steam cleaner. The hot steam will destroy anything from bacteria to bedbugs; leaving you with incredibly clean mattresses and bedding that will look and feel as good as new! If you don’t own a steam cleaner and you’re not looking to rent one, then your duvet and pillows can be cleaned at the dry-cleaners for an effective and professional clean that you’re sure to be impressed with! Don’t forget to flip your mattress on a regular basis to ensure that you’re sleeping comfortably and with the proper support that your body needs. 3)    Rugs.If you have rugs in your bedroom then you probably already know how filthy they can get! You can bring your rugs back to life in lots of different ways. Try mixing together a cup of warm water and a quarter of a cup of washing up liquid. Lightly dab the mixture into your rug and them blot away with a damp cloth. This should help to lift any trapped dirt and grime. Alternatively you can try using a carpet cleaning product, provided that your rug is made of a suitable material! Just like your bedding and curtains, your rugs can also benefit from a steam clean. If you own a steam cleaner or if you’re renting one, don’t forget to give your rugs a quick once-over! 4)    Upholstered bedroom furniture.Not everyone has upholstered furniture in their bedroom, but if you do then it’s important that you keep it clean. Make a furniture-friendly cleaning solution by mixing a quarter cup of washing up liquid with warm water as you may have done with your rugs, and use the same method on your upholstered furniture to safely lift dirt and stains. Check the labels of your upholstery to see how it can be cleaned before attempting to use any sorts of products, and start by using them in a discreet area just in case they damage your upholstery! If your homemade cleaner is ineffective then try a shop-bought one instead. Again make sure you test it first to avoid any accident damages!
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